The cry of a Child . . .

Jesus is here for you . . . just cry out to Him
You are God's child and always will be . .
Close your eyes and listen my child . . .
You want to know? Ask Him . . .
Hope . . . for you beloved!
The Big Decision . . .
God Loves you and your child beloved . . .
Come back to the Lord Jesus . . . . precious child
God Loves You!
Need You now . . .
There is hope for you. . .
Cry out to the only One who can help you!!!
Don't ever give up . . .
Listen . . .
I can't do it without You God!
Make a promise . . . .
There is power . . . He LOVES you!
You are loved BELOVED . ..
Jesus . . .
To the Outcast

For the Broken Hearted . . .

The Lord Loves YOU! You are prescious to Him . . . this web page is designed for you! Listen and watch all the videos that relate to you! Don't forget, prescious child to scroll to the bottom as well. Much Love in Christ to You! GOD led you to this site . . . He feels your pain and feels your sorrow. He suffered like you in greater ways. So come beloved, come you who are weary and heavy laden and Jesus will give you rest. Search this site out! Much Love in Christ Jesus to YOU . . . yes YOU!

Your Father in Heaven LOVES YOU BELOVED!
If you see it, then come against it . . . bullying is not right!
They only do it cause everyone allows it . . . come against it. . . .be strong--you may save someone's life!
Your Father in Heaven Loves YOU!
He suffered tremendous pain and suffering and died so you wouldn't have to die! Believe that He is here for you, cry out to Jesus and He will reveal Himself to YOU! He LOVES YOU! Cry out and give Him ALL YOUR BURDENS! He's waiting for you!
Words hurt . . . don't be a part of it. . .Stand up against it!
Tell on satan, cause he's using a willing vessel.
Father, please protect the children . . .
Send warring angels to encamp about them . . . put a stop to abuse and bullying In Jesus Name!
Jesus Loves you with all His Heart!
Come to Jesus with your burdens . . . If God is for you who can be against you! He loves YOU!
Interview with God . . .
Do I trust You Lord?
My innocence Lost . . .
I need to find my strength . . .
You see . . . the real me
Father Forgive me . . . . He will!
Take my fear, Lord . . . take my shame!
Sweetly Broken

After the Abortion the grief of a girl . . . a woman

After The Abortion 


Sr. Paula Vandegaer

Karen had an abortion in college. She thought she had a serious committed relationship with her boyfriend, but when she told him she was pregnant he was definitely less than happy about it. He told her the decision was up to her, but if she wanted an abortion, he would pay for it. She sensed his lack of commitment to her and his baby and decided on abortion. Two of her roommates had abortions and they seemed fine afterwards. What’s wrong with her that she feels so depressed about it?

Karen’s story is repeated every day on college campuses and in high schools across the country. Since 1973 when the Roe v. Wade decision legalized abortion, an estimated twenty-eight million women in the United States have had one or more abortions. These were women who were challenged and stressed by the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy, and the people on whom they normally would rely for support in difficult circumstances were unable, unwilling or unavailable to help with the crisis pregnancy. Boyfriends, even husbands, said they weren’t ‘ready for fatherhood.’ A woman who lacks the willing support and encouragement of the father to help raise the child is more likely to choose abortion.

Society tells young women like Karen that abortion will solve their problem. It says nothing about the problems abortion creates. Supporters of abortion claim it is a simple procedure with no lasting impact. And women who know better don’t discuss, certainly not publicly, how abortion changed their lives for the worse. They feel ashamed about the abortion and ashamed about their inability to ‘just deal with it’ as they think other women do. And so the deception continues.

But if society denies the mother’s loss, her body does not. God prepares a woman psychologically and physically for motherhood. When a woman is pregnant she feels different. Within a few days after conception, even before the tiny embryo has nested in her uterine wall, a hormone called ‘early pregnancy factor’ is found in her bloodstream, alerting the cells of her body to the pregnancy. Her body may now crave different foods, she may need more rest. New cells begin to grow in her breasts, cells which will mature and secrete milk specially formulated for the needs of a newborn. She begins to think ‘baby.’ She starts noticing babies on the street, in the store, on television. She may dream about her baby at night, and fantasize about her baby during the day. What name? Who will he or she look like?

But if she wants to have an abortion she must try to stop this process. She must deny the maternal feelings entering into her consciousness. She must believe that what is inside of her is not fully a baby. She must stop the process of thinking about her baby as ‘her baby.’

But although her mind may say one thing, her emotional life and her body cells say another. If she has the abortion, the very cells of her body remember the pregnancy and know that the process of change that had been going on was stopped in an unnatural manner. Her body and her emotions tell her that she is a mother who has lost a child. And so it is not surprising that after the abortion, a pain begins to emerge from the depths of her heart. She has a loss to mourn, but cannot allow herself to grieve. Grieving would require admitting to herself that a child was killed in the abortion and that she shares responsibility for her child’s death. This is a very heavy burden to bear, and so, she resorts to denial in order to cope: denial of the baby’s humanity, ‘it wasn’t a baby so I have nothing to grieve or feel guilty about’, and denial of her emotional pain. ‘I should feel okay about this,’ she reasons. ‘Everyone else does. I must not feel this way or think about the abortion.’

Abortion is an extremely unnatural experience for a woman’s body and her maternal instinct. Negative reactions are to be expected and do not depend on a person’s religious beliefs or general mental health. It is true that women and men with prior psychological problems or with strong religious beliefs are more vulnerable to post-abortion problems, but there are repercussions for all women involved in an abortion. In a study done by Anne Speckhard, Ph.D, 85% of the women reported that they were surprised at the intensity of their emotional reaction to the abortion. These reactions included discomfort with children, feelings of low self-worth, guilt, feelings of anger, depression, grief, increased alcohol use, crying, inability to communicate and feeling suicidal. Yet 72% of the subjects reported no identifiable religious belief at the time of the abortion.

Post-abortion reactions are specific and identifiable. They originate mainly from the problem of denial and suppression of feelings. When we suppress one of our emotions it affects all of them. This is the basis of post-abortion trauma: the denial of the baby and the denial of our feelings. This causes symptoms of reexperience, avoidance and impacted grieving.

Reexperience: The abortion trauma can be reexperienced in a number of ways. Some women experience recollections and flashbacks of the abortion and dreams of the unborn child. Some experience intense psychological distress from people or things that remind them of the abortion, such as seeing pregnant women or passing an abortion clinic. Intense grieving and depression may occur on the anniversary dates of the abortion or the child’s projected due date.

Many examples can be given of reexperiencing. A number of women I have worked with have difficulty having a cervical exam or going into a hospital. These events cause such anxiety that they are no longer able to tolerate them. Many women I know have nightmares about their abortion or the baby. One large Finnish study examining all suicides among women in an eight-year period found that women who had an abortion committed suicide at three times the rate of the general population and almost six times the rate of women who had given birth.

The pro-life pregnancy service centers in the U.S. report that many women come into the centers pregnant again on the anniversary date of the abortion or on the date of the birth of the aborted baby. This may be an attempt to deal with the sadness of these days. A survey of 83 post- abortive women done by Kathleen Franco, M.D. of the Medical College of Ohio, illustrates how widespread is the problem of anniversary reactions. Thirty of the respondents had experienced physical or emotional reactions on the anniversary of the abortion or the due date. These included problems such as suicidal thoughts, headaches, cardiac symptoms, anxiety, alcohol and drug abuse, or more verbal abuse toward their children.

Women also experience avoidance symptoms. These include avoidance of anything associated with the abortion trauma or numbing of the responsiveness that was present before the abortion. These include efforts to avoid or deny thoughts or feelings associated with the abortion; efforts to avoid activities, situations, or information that might cause a remembrance of the abortion; inability to recall the abortion experience or an important aspect of the abortion. Other significant symptoms include very diminished interest in significant activities, feeling of detachment or estrangement from others, withdrawal in relationships or reduced communication. Some women have restricted range of affect, such as an inability to have loving or tender feelings.

Karen, whom we met in the beginning of this article, is an example of problems created by avoidance. Although she has a good job and happy lifestyle, because she won’t allow her feelings of grief and guilt into consciousness, she cannot experience her full range of emotions. She needs to be on guard not to think about her abortion. As commonly happens, shortly after the abortion the relationship with the boyfriend ended. She could no longer relate to him. Women who have undergone abortion may be grouped as follows: 1) those who are suffering post abortion reactions on an acute or chronic basis; and 2) those who have no identifiable problems now but are at risk at a future ‘stress time’ (such as a pregnancy, crisis in life, death of a loved one). Reactions may be severe or mild and they can vary over a person’s lifetime.

Sadly many women do not seek help for abortion-related problems until about five to twelve years after the abortion. In the intervening time they may suffer profoundly as some of these symptoms may periodically recur. Various methods may be tried to manage the resulting pain: alcohol, prescription drugs and illegal drugs, promiscuity, hyper-activity (workaholism), punishing oneself by being in an abusive relationship or developing eating disorders, for example. Others may attempt to replace the lost baby by becoming pregnant again, and others reenact both the pregnancy and abortion, hoping to make the experience routine and non-traumatic (or to punish themselves). Unfortunately, each of these strategies produces additional pain and problems.

Sometimes the reaction to abortion is very delayed. As we mature and have an opportunity to reflect on our life, we may regret our past decisions. Counselors sometimes encounter elderly women overcome with grief from the loss of a child to abortion that occurred many decades earlier, a grief that has been buried, more or less successfully, until then. A friend recently told me of a seventy-five year-old woman she knew who sobbed uncontrollably over an abortion that occurred more than fifty years ago. She was never able to have another child and was facing the prospect of living her declining years alone.

Slightly over one-fourth of women (aged 15 and up) in the United States have undergone an abortion. Women, and all those involved in the decision to abort, must believe, or try to believe, that there was no human life present in the womb. To admit this is to admit complicity in the killing of an innocent human being. Condemning abortion would mean condemning themselves or the wife, daughter, sister or friend whom they love. And so society refuses to recognize the incontrovertible facts about human life before birth.

Many people close to a women in a crisis pregnancy don’t feel comfortable with the decision to abort, but they don’t know what to say. They want to be supportive and non-judgmental, so they say something like, ‘You’re really in a bad situation and I’ll support whatever you decide.’ The helpful response, the right response should be, ‘Don’t have an abortion. I will not abandon you. Together we will find a way for you to have your baby.’

A true story will illustrate how abortion harms others beyond the baby and mother. Joanne and Rob (not their real names) were married and had children. Rob lost his job and they were fast running out of savings when she got pregnant. Joanne felt she should get an abortion. Rob repeatedly begged her not to. Joanne was very ambivalent and decided to seek advice from her mother, whom she felt was a good Catholic and someone she admired.

Joanne’s mother listened thoughtfully and in a sympathetic voice said, ‘I understand what you are feeling and why you want an abortion. I thought of abortion too in some of my pregnancies, and I can see why you feel it makes sense in this situation. I will support whatever you decide.’

Joanne felt her mother gave her permission for the abortion and so she went through with it. Shortly afterward, Rob got a new job, their financial situation improved, and Joanne went into a severe reaction of grief, anxiety, and guilt that required active psychiatric care. She was very angry, not at her husband who opposed the abortion – but at her mother, whom she expected to stop her. The abortion affected the entire family – the marriage relationship, the other children who knew that a brother or sister was aborted, her relationship with her mother and with other relatives who knew or guessed. Rob had felt helpless, unable to protect his child’s life and felt that Joanne had lost confidence in his ability to provide for the family. The abortion taught all of them that this family was not as safe and close as they had thought. They would allow a family member to be sacrificed before they would help one another out with a loan or other assistance. The abortion disrupted the security of the family more permanently than the financial problems ever would.

. . . The Church is a place of healing. It speaks the truth about abortion to men and women contemplating this action. ‘Don’t do it! It is wrong and it will hurt you and the baby,’ but it also speaks the full truth: ‘If you have had an abortion, God’s mercy is great enough to forgive that, too.’ Jesus offers forgiveness and healing. He offers the hope and promise of resurrection and reunion with the child who is waiting for his parents in heaven.

. . . You may know someone whom you think has had an abortion. You never accuse or confront. A simple word that will touch their hearts and release them from fear and isolation can begin the healing process.

You might say something like, ‘You know, I just read this article on post-abortion trauma. It said that women and men who have experienced abortion can suffer for years with remorse, depression, anxiety, nightmares and worry about their decision. Many times they think there is something wrong with them, but in reality they are suffering grief from the loss of their child.’ You can go on to explain that the Church has a Project Rachel ministry as a way of healing. Simply giving people information like this can help. Pray that they will eventually talk to someone.

You will come to understand that nothing in definitively lost and you will also be able to ask forgiveness from your child, who is now living in the Lord. With the friendly and expert help and advice of other people, and as a result of your own painful experience, you can be among the most eloquent defenders of everyone’s right to life. Through your commitment to life, whether by accepting the birth of other children or by welcoming and caring for those most in need of someone to be close to them, you will become promoters of a new way of looking at human life.

Pray for the fetus, the babies and for no more abortions!
Be healed . . . child

Please Pray for the Children . . .

Father God, I petition for a covenant of protection over the children; over the fetuses, the babies, the adolescents, the youth, the teenagers, the young adults! Send warring angels to encamp about them all! I plead the Blood of the Lamb over them and around them as a mighty shield. I pray that they all dwell in the most secret place, under your shadow Most High God!

Cover them with your feathers! Please save them! Send ministering angels to speak truth and grace to them. Send warring angels to surround them and protect them. Send laborers for the salvation of their souls. Precious Holy Spirit, please draw them into your Kingdom. Reveal yourself to them!

Jesus was manifested to destroy the works of the devil right even to the pits of hell and I call upon the manifestation of Jesus of Nazareth to destroy the works of the devil over all the children in the name of Jesus I pray! Amen!

I am wonderfully made . . .
There is healing . . .
We will see you again . . .
You are in His arms . . .

He can heal your broken heart too ...

Psalms 147:3

He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds


“Healing For The Brokenhearted”

“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds” (Psalm 147:3). “He hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted” (Luke 4:18). Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God” (II Corinthians 1:3-4).

Today’s story is written with sensitivity as I share a sad chapter from my own family’s story. It’s also a little longer than usual but I’m hopeful that it will be of some comfort to those who struggle with their past from deep wounds and be a reminder that forgiveness is key to moving forward in our personal lives and upward in our walk with Christ.

I had two grandfathers: Elbert and Elmer. Their names are similar but their lives stood in great contrast. The name, Elbert, brings a smile from deep within my heart while the name, Elmer, stirs up sorrow and heartache from past memories.

My dad was raised in the Arkansas mountains by Elbert and Faye Sherrell. Elbert was a very godly man from whom I trace my spiritual heritage.

On the other hand my mom was raised in Colorado by a very ungodly man, Elmer. He was an avowed atheist who wouldn’t allow any household member to speak the name of God unless it was accompanied by an expletive. Elmer was a vile, immoral man who was physically and sexually abusive driving a great deal of fear into his wife, my grandmother, and his seven children. He was also an alcoholic and a gambler.

Mom rarely spoke of her painful childhood experiences but there was one that she told me several times. Being the oldest child she would accompany her father on some of his trips to town. He’d park outside the bar and tell her, “I’m going in for a drink. You wait in the car.” Well, one drink led to another and the obsessive gambling often accompanied the drinking. Many hours later my mother would still be sitting in the car shivering into the late, cold, dark night.

Mom spent her childhood in Fraser Colorado where a compassionate local physician, “Doc Susie”, repeatedly saw the horrible effects from the physical and sexual abuse my mother endured over the years so she reported Elmer to the authorities. He fled with his family to Oklahoma to escape the police, and from that time on my mother resided in the Tulsa area.

Elmer ran from the police but he never ran from his sin. He continued to abuse and was turned in to Oklahoma authorities where he eventually paid for his crime. I never met him because he was in prison by the time of my birth and was released only a couple years before his death.

To her dying day Doc Susie was endeared to my mother’s heart. Ten years ago we were in Colorado for a family reunion on Stephen’s side and on the way to the resort we passed through the small town of Fraser. My Mom had passed away less than a year earlier so I was unable to talk to her about our trip. But when I saw her home town I wanted to explore my mother’s roots and also see if I could find more information about this heroic doctor whom Mom spoke so highly of.

Doc Susie was well-known throughout the Fraser Valley. As we were walking about the small town we saw a poster advertising that Virginia Cornell, author of a book written about “Doc Susie” was giving a lecture and slide presentation that very evening at the Fraser library! Interestingly, the doctor happened to be quite a pioneer, as she was a female doctor in the mining camps and to the railroad workers in the early 1900′s.

We jumped in the rental van and quickly found the library, only to be greeted by the friendly folks of Fraser with a delicious community potluck supper! After the presentation I privately shared with the author the story of my mother’s background and her great esteem for the doctor. The author related that such compassion was very typical of Doc Susie’s character and she especially cared deeply for the children of the county.

My mother had deep lasting pains from her childhood but after settling in Oklahoma she met and married a man from the hills of Arkansas. Brooklyn had a Christian background with godly parents, a great contrast to Mom’s atheistic father. Mom and Dad raised us in the ways of the Lord, but sadly they spent a large portion of their adult years in a backslidden condition. About six years before their deaths they both recommitted their lives to Christ and demonstrated a growing faith in Christ until He called them home.

My heart reaches out to those of you reading this who have deep pains from your past. Though each of us have experienced some form of brokenheartedness, I have especially observed the ongoing struggles and serious forms of brokenheartedness among those who have experienced abusive childhoods, both in regard to my mom’s background and in the course of our ministry. This is particularly painful when the abuse comes from the very hands of the one in whom God appoints as our protector.

I consider the comforting aspect of Christ’s ministry that “He heals the brokenhearted”. How inspiring it is to read of those who have experienced Christ’s healing from an abusive childhood or abusive relationship of any kind. Tragically, my mother found peace about her father’s abuse only months before her death. Her biggest struggle was learning to forgive him for the irreparable harm he did her. There’s an interesting quote that serves as a powerful reminder of why it’s important to forgive: “Unforgiveness is like drinking poison and waiting for it to kill your enemy.”

Today I encourage each reader to turn to the One who “heals the brokenhearted” and allow the ointment of His Holy Spirit to bind up your wounds enabling you to forgive your offender and pray for him or her. God may very well want to use you as a conduit for His compassion to be extended to one in need. He uses us to funnel His love to others in pain. We can look back at what we’ve learned on our faith journey and share it with those in pain.

Be encouraged today,

Stephen & Brooksyne Weber

Daily prayer: Father, it is under Your wings that we find You to be a refuge in sorrow! How our heart yearningly turns to Your rest! Often when earth has no balm for our healing, there we find comfort and there we are blest. Under Your wings, there is precious enjoyment! There we will hide till life’s trials are o’er; sheltered, protected, no evil can harm us, resting in Jesus we are safe evermore. Under Your wings our souls shall abide, safely abide forever. In Jesus Name Amen.

How Great is our God! Suffer the little children to come unto Me . . .
Do not be afraid . . .
You are not alone!
There is Hope . . . .
I pray . . .
Please pray that God sets the captive children free . . .
Please pray for the teenagers . . .
Don't forget to pray for the teenagers . . .
You have always been with me . . . .
The Prayer . . .
No more night!

The Children . . . who will pray?

The Cry of the Unborn Child



One morning before the death of her husband, the Intercessor’s eyes opened up and she shot up out of bed so full of joy, peace, and happiness. The sun was shining and it seemed to be a glorious day! “What an awesome day,” the Intercessor thought to herself.


She proceeded to turn the music from “quiet peaceful” to “light worship, “in her prayer room, and she danced. She danced for Him!


That morning in prayer, the Lord asked her, “Do you love Me?” She happily said, "Well yes, of course, you know that I love You!" "Do you truly want to know me?" He said. "Yes" was her immediate reply as she had just experienced a “season” of His wonderful expressions of Love, His awesome presence, His goodness, His blessings, and Joy in each morning during her “time with the Lord.” So, this particular morning, she quickly responded, secure in what she had received from her Beloved in the past. However, she carelessly didn’t take the time to think about her response.


Still deeper, He asked the Intercessor, “Are you willing to suffer with Me?” "But, I already have," knowing that He knew all the years of suffering that she had been through with Him. "No," He said seriously, "Will you allow Me to tear your heart just a little today?" Most happily, and very quickly, without truly thinking, she replied, "yes!"


She said “yes,” not realizing how serious her Beloved was at this time of meeting for it was quite different and extremely serious—not as usual.


Rom 8:17-19


17 And if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ; if so be that we suffer with him, that we may be also glorified together.

18 For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.

19 For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God.



The Intercessor heard again, “How would you like to experience just a little bit of a tear in your heart today?”

Without even thinking again, she blurted out, “sure!” Expecting nothing but good things as she had previously went through. She was like Peter, who said, “I will never deny you!” He was so sure of himself, not knowing what to expect.


“It’s the babies and the children.” “They are suffering and no one really knows it!” She heard.


“Oh . . .okay . . .what do you want me to do?” she thought.

“You must see it, feel it, and hear it!” “And, you must intercede . . .” He quietly responded.


Hesitantly, she said, “Ohhhhhkay.” Now, she was not so sure or joyful or exuberant, wondering what to expect next.


Immediately, the Lord brought to her mind a picture of a fetus in the am-biotic sac moving around—even sucking his precious little thumb, and she smiled, not realizing what was coming next and planned by her Lord.


Her own experience with children was with one boy and one girl. They were both miracle babies as she was in her late 30’s and early 40’s when she had them. For years, she had tried to have children to no avail. It was after special prayer at a women’s conference that her womb opened up. To her amazement, at age 37 she had her first-born son! Her son then prayed for her second baby girl 6 years later! What a blessing the two have been! She deeply loves her children.


As the Intercessor pondered on her own children, the Lord brought to her mind the fetus, full of life and healthy—she smiled.


Immediately, she then saw a cold, hard steel object forcefully approach the spine of the child to insert it deep within the spine of the child. The child opened his mouth and cried out in excruciating pain! Someone had deliberately “murdered” one of the weakest and defenseless among us . . . and she heard the cry of the unborn, precious child cry out in agonizing, unbearable, torturing pain! Her hands immediately came up to her mouth, aghast and in total horror, responding with  tears streaming down her cheeks, “Oh my God!” She cried out.  Her heart immediately broke into a million pieces.  She could no longer stand.


Dropping to her knees, she cried, “No more!” “Please God forgive us!” “Forgive us!” “Oh God, please forgive us for murdering our children!”  


“Please merciful God . . . put a stop to this wickedness!”


‘”Oh, so much pain!” As she felt her own pain in her heart as the reality of what was happening each time a child was aborted was revealed to her! “Oh God!” “Oh God!”

"We don't even want to think about these things!" “No one wants to take responsibility!”


The Lord proceeded to show her the devices used to “abort” the unborn child. The tremendous pain, torment, and suffering they go through to be unwanted and aborted. It was too much for her to experience! She wanted like anyone else, none of it. She didn’t want to face it! She didn’t even want to think about it! But, who would? Who would lament and cry out for the unborn child?


It was her responsibility; it was every believer in Yeshua upon this earth to intercede and pray for the unborn children. To intercede and to lament and cry out to God! But, who would?


"Please Lord; put a stop to this wickedness!” “No more!” “No More!” “What have we done?” “Oh forgive us!” “What have we done?”


“I cry out to you on behalf of those precious babies!” “Stop the abortions!” “Stop the abortion clinics!” “Stop this wickedness!” “No more pain!” “No more suffering like this!” “Oh God, forgive me for not praying sooner!” “Oh God, forgive me!” She cried out for mercy!


“Oh that you would open up the earth and swallow up each and every abortion clinic up!” “Oh God please put a stop to this murder!” “Forgive me for my selfishness!”


In a heart-rending expression of sorrow, the Intercessor cried out, Pleeeeeassssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeee!” She began to lament . . . falling on the floor; feeling the sorrow, and the pain, tears flooding her soul . . . breaking the alabaster box in repentance.


Luke 7:37-38


37 And, behold, a woman in the city, which was a sinner, when she knew that Jesus sat at meat in the Pharisee's house, brought an alabaster box of ointment,

38 And stood at his feet behind him weeping, and began to wash his feet with tears, and did wipe them with the hairs of her head, and kissed his feet, and anointed them with the ointment.



Luke 7:44-48

44 And he turned to the woman, and said unto Simon, Seest thou this woman? I entered into thine house, thou gavest me no water for my feet: but she hath washed my feet with tears, and wiped them with the hairs of her head.

45 Thou gavest me no kiss: but this woman since the time I came in hath not ceased to kiss my feet.

46 My head with oil thou didst not anoint: but this woman hath anointed my feet with ointment.

47 Wherefore I say unto thee, Her sins, which are many, are forgiven; for she loved much: but to whom little is forgiven, the same loveth little.

48 And he said unto her, Thy sins are forgiven.



Agonizing in the tremendous pain in her heart she cried . . . and she wept, and she wept, and she wept—for the helpless, for the defenseless, for the precious, for the beautiful, for the unwanted, for the unborn children of the Most High God! She stood in the gap that day and every morning from then on, the Intercessor prayed for the loss of life and protection over the unborn children.


“Oh, no more!” “Please put a stop to this horrible, insane, wickedness my beloved Father!”


“Oh God!” “I cry out for your mercy and your grace!” “We’ve listened to the voice of the stranger!” “It’s not okay!” “We thought you would understand!”

“My precious God, forgive us for our horrible sins!”


Ex 20:13

13 Thou shalt not kill .



Gen 1:1 - Ps 22:15

My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? why art thou so far from helping me, and from the words of my roaring?

2 O my God, I cry in the daytime, but thou hearest not; and in the night season, and am not silent.

3 But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel.

4 Our fathers trusted in thee: they trusted, and thou didst deliver them.

5 They cried unto thee, and were delivered: they trusted in thee, and were not confounded.

6 But I am a worm, and no man; a reproach of men, and despised of the people.

7 All they that see me laugh me to scorn: they shoot out the lip, they shake the head saying,

8 He trusted on the LORD that he would deliver him: let him deliver him, seeing he delighted in him.

9 But thou art he that took me out of the womb: thou didst make me hope when I was upon my mother's breasts.

10 I was cast upon thee from the womb: thou art my God from my mother's belly.

11 Be not far from me; for trouble is near; for there is none to help.

12 Many bulls have compassed me: strong bulls of Bashan have beset me round.

13 They gaped upon me with their mouths, as a ravening and a roaring lion.

14 I am poured out like water, and all my bones are out of joint: my heart is like wax; it is melted in the midst of my bowels.

15 My strength is dried up like a potsherd; and my tongue cleaveth to my jaws; and thou hast brought me into the dust of death.



Ps 71:3-16


3 Be thou my strong habitation, whereunto I may continually resort: thou hast given commandment to save me; for thou art my rock and my fortress.

4 Deliver me, O my God, out of the hand of the wicked, out of the hand of the unrighteous and cruel man.

5 For thou art my hope, O Lord GOD: thou art my trust from my youth.

6 By thee have I been holden up from the womb : thou art he that took me out of my mother's bowels: my praise shall be continually of thee.

7 I am as a wonder unto many; but thou art my strong refuge.

8 Let my mouth be filled with thy praise and with thy honour all the day.

9 Cast me not off in the time of old age; forsake me not when my strength faileth.

10 For mine enemies speak against me; and they that lay wait for my soul take counsel together,

11 Saying, God hath forsaken him: persecute and take him; for there is none to deliver him.

12 O God, be not far from me: O my God, make haste for my help.

13 Let them be confounded and consumed that are adversaries to my soul; let them be covered with reproach and dishonour that seek my hurt.

14 But I will hope continually, and will yet praise thee more and more.

15 My mouth shall shew forth thy righteousness and thy salvation all the day; for I know not the numbers thereof.

16 I will go in the strength of the Lord GOD: I will make mention of thy righteousness, even of thine only.



Ps 127:3


3 Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.



Eccl 11:5


5 As thou knowest not what is the way of the spirit, nor how the bones do grow in the womb of her that is with child: even so thou knowest not the works of God who maketh all.



Isa 44:24


24 Thus saith the LORD, thy redeemer, and he that formed thee from the womb , I am the LORD that maketh all things; that stretcheth forth the heavens alone; that spreadeth abroad the earth by myself;



Luke 2:23

23(As it is written in the law of the Lord, Every male that openeth the womb shall be called holy to the Lord;)



She heard, "The iniquities have cursed the land!"

She felt His tears fall on her as she lay there prostrate and suffering with the tiny little tear in her heart. She couldn’t stop weeping! It was too much for her!

“Oh my Beloved!” “What have we done?” “We don’t even think about the children!” “We are so selfish and coldhearted!”


“Oh forgive me for not interceding for the unborn child!”


“Oh the pain!” “No more!” “Please no more!”


She felt many tears falling on her as He lamented over what He saw, and most importantly, felt each time a child was brutally murdered.


Such cruelty! Such horror! Just cause we don’t see it, it happens—It’s reality! The child feels the pain! Our Beloved feels the pain! He feels the suffering of every one of the millions of unwanted children mutilated and finally, aborted! She felt the tear in her heart . . . it was so painful! And she continued to weep and interced on behalf of the children.


It wasn’t over, for her Beloved showed her that little precious child in India so thin and as very weak as He gave that child to her to hold and feel the little bones of his naked body against her body as she held him close to her.


This child was so hungry, with his belly swelled with hunger and with huge brown sad eyes, extremely sorrowful—not understanding why or what was happening to him. And he looked at her questioning with his eyes as he took his last breath and—died, his body now limp in her arms to her horror, and her heart was torn some more!


She had never seen someone die before—let alone a precious little child in her arms. This could have been her child! “Oh God, no more pain!” “No more suffering for the children.” “Please . . . please . . . my Beloved!”


“Oh please no more!” She wept.


But who will?” “Who will pray and cry out for the children?” She heard.


His tears fell like a soft rain upon her body agonizing in the pain of it all on the floor at His feet. She smelled the sweet smell of spikenard in the air as she took deep breaths in hopes that this breathless child would begin to breath once more again, to no avail. There was nothing that she could do but lament! She was one of the intercessors. This was her calling. It was important! It was so very important!


But it wasn’t over yet! Yeshua showed her that beautiful but terrified little girl scratching and clawing like a kitten in horror afraid of everything, as that wicked perverse man attacked her like an animal raping and ravishing her little body! The Intercessor groaned like she never groaned before from the very depths of her soul, tears streaming down her cheeks, her nose running amuck—and, her heart was torn some more! She couldn’t stop the flow of the tears as her body convulsed with pain as she remembered her own rape as a child.


She sobbed, “No more!" "Please, no more!" She cried. She lamented. She wept, "Oh God!" "No more!" And, she interceded and wept. She felt the hot tears fall on her once again as her Beloved Savior lamented with her over these forgotten and unwanted  children.


Job 8:5


5 If thou wouldest seek unto God betimes, and make thy supplication to the Almighty;



But, her Lord said to her, "who will?" "If you don't, who will?"


Ps 9:9-10


9 The LORD also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble.

10 And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee: for thou, LORD, hast not forsaken them that seek thee.



Ps 11:5-7


5 The LORD trieth the righteous: but the wicked and him that loveth violence his soul hateth.

6 Upon the wicked he shall rain snares, fire and brimstone, and an horrible tempest: this shall be the portion of their cup.

7 For the righteous LORD loveth righteousness; his countenance doth behold the upright.



Ps 12:1


Help, LORD; for the godly man ceaseth; for the faithful fail from among the children of men.



Ps 14:2-6


2 The LORD looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God.

3 They are all gone aside, they are all together become filthy: there is none that doeth good, no, not one.

4 Have all the workers of iniquity no knowledge? who eat up my people as they eat bread, and call not upon the LORD.

5 There were they in great fear: for God is in the generation of the righteous.

6 Ye have shamed the counsel of the poor, because the LORD is his refuge.



Ps 36:7-12


7 How excellent is thy lovingkindness, O God! therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of thy wings.

8 They shall be abundantly satisfied with the fatness of thy house; and thou shalt make them drink of the river of thy pleasures.

9 For with thee is the fountain of life: in thy light shall we see light.

10 O continue thy lovingkindness unto them that know thee; and thy righteousness to the upright in heart.

11 Let not the foot of pride come against me, and let not the hand of the wicked remove me.

12 There are the workers of iniquity fallen: they are cast down, and shall not be able to rise.



Ps 72:4


4 He shall judge the poor of the people, he shall save the children of the needy, and shall break in pieces the oppressor.



Jer 31:15-17


15 Thus saith the LORD; A voice was heard in Ramah, lamentation, and bitter weeping; Rahel weeping for her children refused to be comforted for her children , because they were not.

16 Thus saith the LORD; Refrain thy voice from weeping, and thine eyes from tears: for thy work shall be rewarded, saith the LORD; and they shall come again from the land of the enemy.

17 And there is hope in thine end, saith the LORD, that thy children shall come again to their own border.



Lam 1:16


16 For these things I weep; mine eye, mine eye runneth down with water, because the comforter that should relieve my soul is far from me: my children are desolate, because the enemy prevailed.



Lam 2:11


11 Mine eyes do fail with tears, my bowels are troubled, my liver is poured upon the earth, for the destruction of the daughter of my people; because the children and the sucklings swoon in the streets of the city.



Lam 2:19


19 Arise, cry out in the night: in the beginning of the watches pour out thine heart like water before the face of the Lord: lift up thy hands toward him for the life of thy young children , that faint for hunger in the top of every street.



Matt 19:14



14 But Jesus said, Suffer little children , and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.



Matt 2:16-18


16 Then Herod, when he saw that he was mocked of the wise men, was exceeding wroth, and sent forth, and slew all the children that were in Bethlehem, and in all the coasts thereof, from two years old and under, according to the time which he had diligently inquired of the wise men.

17 Then was fulfilled that which was spoken by Jeremy the prophet, saying,

18 In Rama was there a voice heard, lamentation, and weeping, and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children , and would not be comforted, because they are not.



Lev 18:21


21 And thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through the fire to Molech, neither shalt thou profane the name of thy God: I am the LORD.



Ps 106:35-42


35 But were mingled among the heathen, and learned their works.

36 And they served their idols: which were a snare unto them.

37 Yea, they sacrificed their sons and their daughters unto devils,

38 And shed innocent blood, even the blood of their sons and of their daughters, whom they sacrificed unto the idols of Canaan: and the land was polluted with blood.

39 Thus were they defiled with their own works, and went a whoring with their own inventions.

40 Therefore was the wrath of the LORD kindled against his people, insomuch that he abhorred his own inheritance.

41 And he gave them into the hand of the heathen; and they that hated them ruled over them.

42 Their enemies also oppressed them, and they were brought into subjection under their hand.



Please pray . . .
Let us take responsiblity . . .
Pray for the children who are abused in this wicked world!
We must face the truth!
Please Pray . . .
Please Pray . . .
Surrender and stand on Christ!
There is no fear . . .
I Surrender . . . I Surrender
I want to know You more!
Come just as you are . . . I Love you Beloved . . . Jesus
Come and live forever!
Dear Jesus . . . All that I am is YOURS! Please forgive me of my sins!
I believe that you died for my sins, you were buried, and rose from the dead and are now in Heaven! I renounce satan and all his works and ways. Come now into my heart, wash me with the blood You shed for me and cleanse me of these horrible feelings I have about myself, cleanse me of all my sins. Change my heart, make me the way You want me to be! I want to shine bright . . .reveal yourself to me, because I want to know you! Thank you! In Jesus name I pray, Amen!
Now, find Christian places, and church to learn about Jesus and His ways. Let your light shine for Jesus!
Now always in times of trouble . . . turn to Jesus!
No matter where you are . . . He will guide your heart . . . draw close each day! Find worship music and give your life to Jesus each and every day . . . He will shelter you!

Babies saved . . .

40 Days for Life: 341 Babies Saved So Far
Shawn Carney (Oct 23, 2012)

A second woman walked up to vigil participants to thank them for their witness. She said that a few days earlier, she was driving to the facility to have an abortion. She prayed for a sign to convince her not to go through with it. When she saw the 40 Days for Life prayer team on the sidewalk, she recognized the sign she had prayed for.

With two weeks to go in this 40 Days for Life campaign, we are so far aware of 341 babies saved from abortion! Here are just a few of their stories.

Wilmington, Delaware:
There was a long line waiting to get into the abortion center. As one of the young women waited, she could hear the sung prayer of the 40 Days for Life vigil participants. She said that the song stuck in her head.

When she got inside and talked with the staff, she asked for an ultrasound. Once she saw the baby, she realized she simply couldn't go through with the abortion.

After she walked out, she spoke to vigil participants. "She said she really never wanted to see the place again," said Julie, one of the volunteers. "I don't blame her! Thank you to all of you for your continued presence at Planned Parenthood. A life was saved today!"

Las Vegas, Nevada:
Ken says the 40 Days for Life vigil in Las Vegas is taking place outside the busiest late-term abortion facility in Nevada.
Prayer volunteers watched as a young couple parked their car, got out . . . and walked right past them. "The woman appeared determined to carry through with her scheduled abortion," Ken said, "but the father of the child entered the building in tears."

On their way into the building, however, they did stop to take information about the pregnancy help center just down the street.

They were not inside long. Minutes later, they walked out of the abortion facility—and straight into the pregnancy help center for an ultrasound and life-affirming counseling.

"We heard a short while later," Ken said, "that they are definitely keeping their baby!"

Read more at the link provided.

Source: 40 Days for Life

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