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By Greg Laurie



“You are My friends if you do whatever I command you”

—John 15:14


You can’t be friends with someone you don’t have a relationship with. Friendship i

nvolves giving and taking. It includes offering something to someone who then reciprocates.


In the same way, we can’t say we’re friends of God unless we meet the criterion

He has laid out to us through Jesus: “You are My friends if you do whatever

I command you” (John 15:14 NKJV).


True friends of Jesus will obey Him. Imagine someone claiming to be your close

friend but always talking about you behind your back, cutting you down,

and telling lies about you. You go to that person and say, “Excuse me, are

you my friend?”


The person says, “Yes, I’m your friend.”


You then say, “If you’re really my friend, why do you spread lies about me?

Someone just told me you said this about me. Is it true?”


“I’m sorry,” your friend says. “It’s true, but I really do love you. Can you forgive

me?” Then your friend shows up the next day with a nice gift for you and says,

“I still want to be your friend.” So, you forgive them.


But the next day, you hear that your friend’s talking about you again

behind your back. So once again, you confront them. They apologize again

and give you a more expensive gift than the last one.


A few days later, the same thing happens. Finally, you say, “I don’t want

your gifts. I just want your honest friendship and loyalty.”


We can be like the disloyal friend with God. We may claim that we’re His friends,

but we don’t obey Him. We break His commandments repeatedly and then try

to make up for doing so. But there are no substitutes for obedience to God.

We can show our love for God quite simply, by doing what He says. If we don’t,

then we really have no right to call ourselves His friends.



Job 22:28 Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee:
 And the light shall shine upon thy ways. | K… | Bible apps, King james version, Kjv

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By Glenn H. Jackson
[Exhortations From The Father]
*       If one is going to wield it [the sword of the Spirit], one is going to have to speak it!
        ...."You will also decree [proclaim] a thing, and it will be established for you; And light [the divine Light that enters into one's spirit {inner man} through the continual declaration of words that are aligned with the Word of God] will shine on your ways".... Job 22:28 NASB
        ...."For the Word that God speaks is alive and full of power [making it active, operative, energizing, and effective]; it is sharper than any two-edged sword, penetrating to the dividing line of the breath of life [soul] and [the immortal] spirit, and of joints and marrow [of the deepest parts of our nature], exposing and sifting and analyzing and judging the very thoughts and purposes of the heart".... Hebrews 4:12 The Amplified Translation



A Bold Bluff” by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge - DogsPlayingPoker.org | Dogs playing poker, Painting, Hand painting art

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"God's 007 Agents Will Overhaul Evil" Jill Austin


This article by Jill Austin was originally posted on the Elijah List on January 4, 2007:


A Gambling Casino


I had an open vision and saw a gambling casino covering the earth. There were global players who were playing for the world's resources (like gold, silver, oil, and water). There were nations that had no problem committing genocide on a whole nation for their gold mines.


They were playing with cards – gambling and playing for high stakes. These players' faces were like dogs. They had thick collars on, with spikes, and they were smoking expensive cigars. They were laughing crudely, and they were drunk and drinking whiskey. The scene looked like one of the paintings by Coolidge, which show dogs gambling like men.


But then I saw Kingdom players of the Lord – a holy mafia that came and sat at the table to play for world resources. They were undetected; they were the Lord's "007 agents" playing a very deadly and dangerous game.


Old Worldly Money Is Exposed


The scene then changed to Europe – to an old, ancient castle in Switzerland. Very expensive cars, like Rolls-Royces, pulled up to the castle. Then old world families, who were the royalty of the world, got out of the cars. They represented old family money – old kings and queens, and even tribal kings, etc.


They carried their family crest (crown) up the stairs into this old castle. But as they were entering the palace, the crest changed, and suddenly I saw what the family was really known for; and with great demonic pride, they displayed their crest.


One family's coat of arms shifted and revealed that this family had destroyed and committed genocide against the Jews in Poland. Another family's crest showed that they had caused (genocide) in Africa for the gold mines, etc. Their family crest showed that they had destroyed Jews in Italy, etc.


The generational evil was displayed with great honor.


Plotting More Evil


Then we went into a huge map room (war room). The back wall in this room was living, as was a picture of the world with all the nations. The families deliberately began to plan their next organization of evil.


They said, "Let's blow up three embassies. Let's have three old women go to the mall and blow themselves up. Let's have several university campuses bombed. Let's have mass shootings at two schools. Let's have trains and planes bombed." 


They began to orchestrate a world terror, with fear, death, war, and disease hitting the earth. The news media went crazy and the world moved in great fear.


Then they said about the world, "They want peace at any price? So, they want a military police state?" And eventually this would move into one world government.


These ancient families were the ones who had strings attached to all the world leaders to become popes, kings, presidents, prime ministers, etc. They would give them money but would then own the nations.


But Oh, Then...the Enoch Company Arises


The Lord is raising up an Enoch company – a group of intercessors who will be translated into these secret, evil alliances. They will hear the plans of satan and then return to the councils of God to legislate "holy plans" to devour the evil plans of the enemy. Again, they were undetected – they were the Lord's "007 agents."


The Enoch company are radical and intimate worshiping warriors who so love the Lord. They will overhear the evil, secret plans of satan and go to battle for greater truth with the double-edged sword of the Lord: mercy and justice.


For the coming year, may you draw closer to the Lord, more fervent in intercession, and hear His voice more clearly for His plans for your future...as you enter into your destiny.






By Jill Austin
Master Potter Ministry
Email: info@masterpotter.com 
Website: www.jillaustinlegacy.com 

The late Jill Austin was the founder and president of Master Potter Inc. over 30 years ago. It is still operating and based in Southern California. What began as a performing arts ministry quickly changed as the manifest presence of Holy Spirit began to move powerfully in her meetings, bringing renewal and awakening destiny to individuals and churches. God used these years to form this accomplished potter into a fiery preacher and one of the nation's powerful prophetic voices. Jill Austin had a child-like faith coupled with a fiery tenacity and resolute commitment to stand for the purposes of God. Jill moved with a catalytic anointing to release the fire of the Holy Spirit and break open the heavens over cities and nations, bringing revival with signs and wonders following her ministry.


ElijahList Publications
528 Ellsworth St. SW 
Albany, OR 97321 
email: info@elijahlist.net 
Phone 1-541-926-3250


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By Glenn H. Jackson
______...."This book of the law [the Word of God]shall not depart from [always be in] your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful [take heed] to do according to all that is written in it; for THEN you will make your way prosperous, and THEN you will have success".... Joshua 1:8 NASB
[part 4 of 7]
*____How little He was appreciated by His own. God so loved. It was Love that drove Jesus to become incarnate.
____Love drove Him during His three and a half years of public ministry.
____It was not the cruel spikes driven through His hands and feet by the Roman soldiers that held Him to the accursed cross; it was love. 
____John 6:37-38 might help us to grasp this more clearly. "All that which the Father giveth me shall come unto me; and him that cometh unto me, I shall in no wise cast out. For I am come down from heaven, not to do mine own will, but the will of Him that sent me." 
____John 1:4: "In him was life, and the life was the light of men." John 10:10: "I came that they may have life, and may have it abundantly."
____Love sent Him. Love sustained Him. Love was His ability. He came with a single purpose, to redeem man from the realm of selfishness, where Satan ruled as king. Jesus lived in this realm for thirty-three and one-half years. He walked in the realm of selfishness and sin, and yet He walked in love. Sin did not taint Him.

Intercessors for America Intercessors for America

Pelosi's Last Act? Your Action and Prayer is Needed



What's happening with the "Respect for Marriage Act"?

Today the House Rules Committee is meeting to confer on this bill which was passed by the Senate with no provisions for religious freedom. There is concern that this bill will be rushed through as one of Speaker Nancy Pelosi's last official acts as speaker--the full House floor vote could happen tomorrow!

Remember, this legislation will impose harmful sexual ideology on the entire nation and threaten the religious freedom of millions of Americans of faithwho believe marriage is between one man and one woman.  Practically, this would mean that people of faith would be forced to act against their conscience and would put sexual choices on par with civil rights. It could bring penalties and prosecution against those who would exercise religious freedom, speaking in favor of the biblical view on marriage. 

Send your message today!





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The Father says today I told you. I told you and YOU heard Me. It didn't make sense in the light of other's opinions but I haven't called you to walk according to opinions of men. In fact I have called you to cut cross-wise in your decisions to the thoughts of others in regard to the problem at hand. They have said "Oh man of God there is poison in the pot..." But I am the God that brings the meal, even the grain sacrifice of My truth and My love into the conditions at hand.


What it looks like is going to happen is not going to happen because they are not in charge I AM IN CHARGE. You have worried about collateral damage. Even young ones who have seen the "folly in Israel" as it were and you didn't want to see them turned sour on spirit things. That isn't going to happen.


Trust Me. Trust the resilience of youth for they will come out LIKE GOLD says the Father and they will not be pulled into the contaminated thinking of unregenerate men. Rejoice says the Father because "I'VE GOT THIS!!" You don't have ANYTHING TO WORRY ABOUT! What Others are Saying: "What a comforting and encouraging message for such a time as this in my life and affairs. Thank you Father for a covering of favor over our lives that the enemy cannot get through. All barriers and obstacles to our divinely given good in every area of our lives and affairs are now instantly and permanently removed BY JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF!


GOD IS driving away and keeping away wrong people from our lives and affairs in Jesus name....GLORY BE TO GOD. Thank you BLESSED PROPHET RUSS!! " BONUS BLESSING: Guest Prophetic Word from Sharon Fauber: The Father says today return to your first love and I will heal your land. I am calling you to dig deeper in Me. Listen for my voice calling to you... Come Forth.


As I called Lazurus to come forth out of the tome. I am calling you to come forth to Me. Throw off the old dead and dying grave clothes. The ones that have kept you bound.. Arise to new Life in Me. Walk in newness of life. I am shining upon you this day. I am delivering you from old bondages that have kept you blind, poor and retched.


I am pouring out My Love, pouring Love on every part of your life. Seek me with all your heart and you will be found by Me. I am not far from you, just a prayer away. Call upon My name to save you. Save you from the dark places. The shadows that seem to linger. I am doing house cleaning today.


Bring all you have and lay them at my feet. My bright love light is shining upon you. Walk in the light as I am in the light... I am your light to lighten your pathway. I have said, Let there be Light. I and still saying to you today .. Let there Be Light.



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By Glenn H. Jackson
"Reflections Upon Reflections" [of The Father's Heart] 
        ...."You, in Your great compassion, did not forsake them in the wilderness; The pillar of cloud did not leave them by day, to guide them on their way, or the pillar of fire by night, to light for them the way in which they were to go".... Nehemiah 9:19 NASB 
Words of prophecy:
*____The "feelings" [pressures] that arise while one is bearing another's burden [spiritually in intercessory prayer] are "transitory". So endure [in faith, love and obedience] until the victory [breakthrough] is obtained - knowing [having a revelation of the fact] that your prayers have not been in vain, and that they will bear much fruit for the Kingdom in the glorious days ahead.
"transitory" - existing for a short time only; passing;
        ...."for we walk by faith [love], not by sight [feelings]".... 2 Corinthians 5:7 NASB
        It takes the continual exercising of an absolute faith [working through an "abiding" love and manifesting in a perfect obedience] in one's own life for them to stand perfectly "in the gap" for those that the Father has placed on their heart [in their sphere of spiritual existence].
____...."Bear one another's burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ [which is the law of Love]".... Galatians 6:2 NASB 
Prayer of Proclamation:
____Father, we thank You and praise You that You have raised us up a people who are willing to lay down our lives that others might enter into the perfect liberty that was purchased for them at the Cross. In light of these things, we set ourselves to obey You in even the smallest details of our own lives - KNOWING that the "death" [of the self-life] that works in us will cause Your Life and Light and Love to flow freely through us into the lives of those You have set in our path. And we declare it DONE [on an ongoing basis] in Jesus' Name - to Your greatest Glory. Amen. 
        ...."For we who live are constantly being delivered over to death for Jesus' sake, so that the life of Jesus also may be manifested in our mortal flesh. So death works in us, but life in you".... 2 Corinthians 4:11-12 NASB




This is for All people in the whole world . . . :

John 3:16

King James Version (KJV)

16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Scripture Prayers of Salvation


 Pray the following out loud:


John 3:16 … Thank You Lord for loving me so much that You gave Your one and only Son, that when I believe in Him I will not perish but have eternal life. I believe in Jesus with my heart and I ask you to forgive me of all my sins. I renounce satan and all his works and ways, I choose the truth and disavow satan and all his lies. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ my Lord.


Romans 10:9-10 … Thank You Lord that when I confess with my mouth Jesus as Lord, and believes in my heart that God raised Him from the dead, I will be saved. I believe in my heart and accept You as Lord. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ my Lord.


Isaiah 45:8, 2 Tim 2:10 … Thank You Lord that salvation will spring up within my heart, that I may obtain the salvation that is in Christ Jesus, with eternal glory. In the name of Jesus Christ.


2 Peter 3:18 … Thank You Lord that I may grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In the name of Jesus Christ.


Psalm 19:10 … Thank You Lord that I may grow to find Your Word more precious than much pure gold and sweeter than honey from the comb. In the name of Jesus Christ.


Psalm 42:1-2 … Thank You Lord that You will create within me a hunger, a longing, for You and Your will. Set my heart flames a fire in love with you. Reveal yourself to me. Make me to love you as you love me. In the name of Jesus Christ. Yeshua




 Read the Word of God!

The Word helps in casting down vain imaginations that exhalt itself above the knowledge of the Lord. Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ. To use a reading plan, just visit the daily reading page to see your daily reading. 


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Praise God! He is so good to all of us!

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I needed to hear this today. Its been sooo very difficult for a long time honestly asked God if I was the toxic one and just didn't realize it so I could repent

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this is so beautiful and such a testimony to the Lord's healing power and sanctification through our suffering. Much of my walk with Christ is similar to yours.