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"How to Find Your Identity in the Secret Place" 

By John Belt



When you grasp how you have been created, it helps you to better navigate your relationship with God. The dynamics of the inward battle and how you can fully commit yourself to the purposes of God are easier once you understand that you are a new creation.



"Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you completely; and may your whole spirit, soul, and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ." (1 Thessalonians 5:23)



When we look at the language of Paul, or even from the angle of a Hebraic mindset, we can see that there is a clear understanding of how God has created us – spirit, soul and body. Just like an apple has skin, pulp and then seeds, so we are created with a spirit, soul and body.



An unsaved person will live their entire lives for the gratification of their flesh, fulfilling worldly appetites. For those who know God, this type of living must change. We no longer live to please our natural senses but actually live to please God – who is spirit. What we once used to live for (the flesh), we now offer as a sacrifice to God (Romans 12:1). In Christ, our spirits have been made alive to God. We are now new creations in Christ. God has awakened our spirits to a living communion with His Spirit.



"But as it is written: 'Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.' But God has revealed them to us through His Spirit. For the Spirit searches all things, yes, the deep things of God. For what man knows the things of a man except the spirit of the man which is in him? Even so no one knows the things of God except the Spirit of God. Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, that we might know the things that have been freely given to us by God." (1 Corinthians 2:9-12)



We are no longer alienated from a life of revelation, insight and understanding into the realities of the Kingdom of God. Rather, we have full access by the Blood of Christ to gain heavenly wisdom, grace and leading through His Holy Spirit.



Communion with God Restored - We Have Been Given Full Access



In simplicity, God has restored the communion that was lost in the Garden of Eden, where man walked with God in the cool of the day. As we are created in the image of God, His plan has been to completely restore us into that reality of walking with Him – also allowing us to see firsthand the demonstration of His love in Christ. 



We can see pictures of how God had been calling His people closer throughout the Old Testament. Just as Moses would see His glory, God also invited others to come closer; yet because of fear, they would not. Jesus went into the Presence as the forerunner for us so that we would also enter into the presence of God. Full access has been made available to us.



When we look at the tabernacle and temple in the Old Testament times, we see that same picture of spirit, soul and body. The outer court being a picture of the body; the inner court, a picture of the soul; and then the holiest of all (the Holy of Holies) – a picture of our spirit man. The most holy worship took place in the Holy of Holies. Just as we can come boldly before the throne of God – even the Holiest in the heavens – so His Spirit comes to dwell and commune with us in the holiest part of our spirit man.



From Renewal to Transformation



In the new creation, truly, ALL things have become new, as it is created after the image of God. It is where we have been "born again." However, the soul is in need of renovation and transformation. Then the body is to be a living sacrifice to God. It is only as we yield to fueling our communion with God that transformation can take place. If we continue to live after the flesh and worldly appetites, there will be no transformation of the soul.



It is the Word of God, the Spirit and a yielded life – a life that follows His commands and leadings – that brings forth real transformation. To whom much is given, much is required. We've all been given much in the new creation.



"For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision avails anything, but a new creation." (Galatians 6:15)



We have to choose to live after the Spirit, discovering the reality of His presence to the transformation of our desires...the place where there is nothing we would rather have than our lives found in Him.



The measure that we sow is also the measure that we reap. That is why Paul encourages us to sow to the Spirit (see Galatians 6:8). If we sow to the Spirit, we will also reap from the Spirit the fullness of His life. If we sow to the flesh, we reap destruction, forfeiting the most glorious transformed life. There is nothing worse than someone who wears the badge of a Christian but lives just like the world. God calls us to leave it all when we make Him Lord of all.


Where the Rubber Meets the Road


This is where the rubber meets the road. When you gave your life to Christ, was it just for a stamped ticket to Heaven, or was it you saying, "I will follow You, hear Your voice and do what you say"? Do you want your desires changed? Can you lay down everything that you 'think' you know? Do you always have to be in control? Do you always have to be right?


Paul counted all things loss – for what? For knowing Jesus in the most intimate way. It is all about the relationship with Him. If anything gets between you and your relationship with God, you should willingly sacrifice it. God is patient, as He gives us many opportunities to take the path of transformation. 


So many times people will squander these opportunities to venture into deeper relationship with God for temporal gratification – even losing ground in what they have attained with God. Our world is filled with examples that try to make their own flesh and bad choices look spiritual.


How to Find Your Identity in the Secret Place


Find your identity in the secret place with God tending to the depths of your spirit. How can you do this?



  1. Offer You Body as a Living Sacrifice


What does this mean? It means that you count yourself "crucified with Christ." It is no longer about what you want but what He wants. You don't try to make God come and fulfill your dreams, but you fulfill His.


2. Commit to Communion


Give your heart and spirit over to God in a life of worship, prayer and communion. Let the communion of the Holy Spirit be in your life. Welcome the Holy Spirit to come and fill you with His presence. Simply continue to ask Him to come every day. Throughout your days, welcome the Holy Spirit. Jesus told us He would send us "The Helper." Do you need help? We all do. Learn to be dependent on the Holy Spirit.


3. Get a New Language and Library


The Word of God is our standard for life and truth. Meditate on the Word of God. Get that language and library in your heart. His words are inspired by the Author – the Holy Spirit. Weigh every thought you have by what God's Word says is the truth. You do this and you will be heading in the right direction!


"and be renewed in the spirit of your mind, and that you put on the new man which was created according to God, in true righteousness and holiness." (Ephesians 4:23-24)


4. Get in Community with Believers


Find those who will lead you in the right direction. Those who have a heart after God are in pursuit of Him. Find those who are covenant-hearted people, where you can commit to a community and grow. Don't live like an orphan that just wanders around; this will lead you into spiritual poverty. God wants you to prosper in a community of people that are committed to seeing Heaven on Earth and your success as a Believer.


God has amazing plans for your life. Trust in Him and He will direct your steps.




By John and Brandi Belt
Overflow Global Ministries
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By Glenn H. Jackson



[Exhortations From The Father]




*       The maintaining of fear [pride/hatred] is a "certain catalyst" for the spirits of unforgiveness [offense, resentment, bitterness etc.] to actively work in one's heart [spirit and soul {mind, will, emotions}].


        ...."God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love [trust], and of a sound mind".... 2 Timothy 1:7 Young's Literal Translation


        ...."There is no fear in love [dread does not exist], but full-grown (complete, perfect) [a revelation of ] love turns fear out of doors and EXPELS [displaces] every trace of terror!".... 1 John 4:18 The Amplified Translation







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"God Says: 'The Manna Won't Spoil'"

By Sara Whitten


A Jesus Rest Not a Jonah Rest


We are being called to rest, but this is a specific and strategic kind of rest. It's a "Jesus Rest" not a "Jonah Rest". As Jesus rested in the boat, His rest was an uncommon response of peace and preparation despite the chaos and urgency around Him. Jonah also slept through a storm in a boat, but His sleep reflected a disconnection and dismissal of God's call to action (see Jonah 1:4-6).


In this time, God is calling you to a rest that will look uncommon to the world around you. This rest isn't a time of inactivity but a time of being active about refreshing your spirit in the Word and in time spent at His feet. At the time of greatest chaos and urgency around you, you are being called to be still, go deeper in the quiet place, and let God do deep work that is going to prepare you to speak to storms. This is an active rest. This is a preparation rest. Rather than falling asleep to our circumstances and pulling away, this is a pressing into the power of peace.


The Manna Won't Spoil


For many, the first response is, "But Lord, I don't have time to rest!" God's word to you is "the manna won't spoil". Manna represented something that was a God-given daily task that was both work and blessing. The Israelites had to gather it (work), but it also fed them (blessing). He specifically instructed them to not gather on the Sabbath, and the manna that had been gathered the day before didn't spoil. During any other day, if they gathered extra and put it aside, it spoiled.


There are things you are working on in this current season that surely are callings from the Lord. They are both work and blessings to you. You may feel that the work He has you partnering with is so much (and so good!) that it isn't a possibility to slow down. Just like the Israelites during their God-ordained rest time, we are being given manna that won't spoil. 


All that God has called you to will not go to waste or be ruined in your time of pressing in deeper to the Lord and less into the chaos. It will wait for as long as the Lord has called you to this preparation rest. The manna before the Sabbath didn't appear any different just because the Israelites shifted to a time of rest. In the same way, to your natural eyes, it will appear that the urgent things filling up your day "can't wait". But God says, "The manna won't spoil.”


What Comes After the Rest


Ask God, "What does rest look like for me in this season?" Also ask Him, "How much time do I need to dedicate to preparation rest in this season?" There will be much warfare to keep you from this necessary soaking, but continue in obedience. As I began to record these thoughts in my podcast, the Lord spoke to me that the enemy is not only scared of your closeness with the Lord in this rest...he is scared of what comes after the rest.


In Genesis 2, while Adam rested, God created (Eve). For some of you, this preparation rest is because God is creating something new through you for which you need to be rested. He's doing "deep surgery" in you, out of which will come new and wonderful things.


In many instances Biblically, rest was a time of dreaming. After waking, dreams inspired action based on new revelation. For some of you, this time will be a time of revelation (both in dreams and in waking) that will incite action and give you clarity on choices. Rest also happened for Jesus in the boat. When He woke up, He spoke to the storm and calmed it. For some of you, this time of rest will be what precedes God calming the storm in your life as you learn to peacefully and confidently rest in Him. The rest isn't saved for after the storm, the rest is during the storm, and miracles are what follows.


Prayer of Activation


Lord, teach me how to enter into Your preparation rest. Show me what rest looks like for me in this season and how to be obedient. Connect me to a deeper peace and intimacy with You. Thank You for taking care of the day-to-day concerns, while I enter into this deeper training with You. I thank You and praise You for all the revelation, creativity, and even miracles that will flow through this time. I ask all this in Jesus's name. Amen.




By Sara Whitten
Arrows of Zion
Email: sara@arrowsofzion.com
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God Is Pouring Out His Alabaster Box 

By Nancy Shupp



“There came unto him a woman having an alabaster box of very precious ointment, and poured it on his head, as he sat at meat.” Matthew 26:7.



When we read this story, we tend to concentrate on the woman and the cost of her sacrifice.  But it must have been a very poignant moment for Jesus.  He recognized her act as being that of anointing Him for burial.  Can you imagine the different emotions Jesus might have felt as He thought about the culmination of His work on earth?  Surely there was elation that He would finally fulfill His purpose and purchase our redemption.  There must have been joy as He knew that he would soon be re-united with the Father, never to be separated again.  I believe He was thrilled as He thought of the Father’s pleasure and pride as He welcomed Him home.


But I suspect there may have also been some thought of the horror of what was ahead.  He knew that every force of Hell would be unleashed against Him to try to prevent Him from accomplishing His destiny.  All the devil had to do to defeat God once and for all was to foil His plan of redeeming man back to Himself.  If he could cause Jesus to sin or stop Him from being able to give His life willingly for us, he would finally have his revenge on God for throwing him out of Heaven.   And even though Jesus knew all this before, the nearness of this epic struggle for the souls of men must have weighed heavily on Him.  I wonder if He had any doubts about whether He would be able to endure the assault and come forth victorious.


I started thinking about all the forces of hell being released against us as we are endeavoring to fulfill our calling.  Will we be equal to the task?  Can we finish our course in victory and obtain the prize as Jesus and Paul did?  Most of the time, I feel so inadequate, weak and sinful that it seems hard to imagine even standing in the face of the final onslaught of the enemy, much less being victorious.


As I was meditating on this, I saw the Father reach for an alabaster box and begin pouring it out on His children.  Somehow I knew that it had been kept in reserve for such a time as this when the enemy is pouring out the full cup of his wrath because he knows his time is short.  Knowing the great value and cost of the contents of the alabaster box with which the woman anointed Jesus, I couldn’t imagine what the contents of God’s alabaster box was or the power of its anointing.  What would have the same value to God as the precious ointment did to this woman?


Suddenly I knew that the contents of God’s box and the end-time anointing He is pouring out are His great love for us.  His box is filled with a love that allowed Him to watch as Jesus was mocked, spat on, beaten and crucified.  A love that didn’t unleash His wrath or judgment even as He heard His dear Son cry in anguish “My God, My God, why have You forsaken me”.  It contains a love that forgives those that curse Him and rebel against His ways when they simply turn to Him in repentance.  God’s alabaster box is filled with an extravagant love that transcends our human ability to comprehend.


The disciples got upset when the woman poured the contents of her box on Jesus because it seemed to be a waste to shower so much on just one man.  They still didn’t understand the magnitude of the battle ahead.  As God’s alabaster box is broken and poured on us, I wonder if the cloud of witnesses will marvel at the lavishness of the love and anointing given to just one generation.  Or knowing the ferocity of the enemy we face, will they rejoice at the provision of the Father to enable us to usher our King to the throne as conquerors?


Perilous times are ahead and evil will wax worse and worse.  But the ultimate weapon of the Father’s love has been poured out.  Those who receive and walk in it will redefine what Christian means.  We will be changed so radically that a new vocabulary will need to be established to describe it.  The world is about to see a new heart in us that causes their heart to melt with love and desire for the One who loved them and gave Himself for them.  Break open your alabaster box and give God your all just as He has done for you.


By Nancy Shupp



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“The Angel of God’s Memorials and the Breaking Open of the Fountains in the Land- 05-27-22”

Posted: 29 May 2022 12:28 PM PDT





“The Angel of God’s Memorials and the Breaking Open of the Fountains in the Land- 05-27-22”

By Susan O’Marra



During worship at SOG, I saw a mighty angel descend over the area and he had a long handled golden three-pronged fork filled with lightning in his hand. I saw the whole area was covered in demonic snakes, lizards, and other crawling entities that were entrenched here in our region. When they saw the angel coming down, they all began to scream, “No!” They began to be agitated and moved around in a frenzy. The angel landed and smiled and he struck the ground in our area three times with his forked weapon. By the third time that it struck, a fountain of burst and began to spring up from the ground and flow. 




The Father then said, “I remember My Memorials.” 




God gives us promises in the bible. He had many erect in the Bible a memorial after an event or a visitation, as a token of what was done or spoken, so that they would remember when times got hard or when there was a long delay, that they had to continue to pray because God would have His way! 




Song of Solomon 4:12 A garden enclosed and barred is my sister, my [promised] bride—a spring shut up, a fountain sealed. 13 Your shoots are an orchard of pomegranates or a paradise with precious fruits, henna with spikenard plants, 14 Spikenard and saffron, calamus and cinnamon, with all trees of frankincense, myrrh, and aloes, with all the chief spices. 15 You are a fountain [springing up] in a garden, a well of living waters, and flowing streams from Lebanon. 16 [You have called me a garden, she said] Oh, I pray that the [cold] north wind and the [soft] south wind may blow upon my garden, that its spices may flow out [in abundance for you in whom my soul delights]. Let my beloved come into his garden and eat its choicest fruits.




God remembers His Memorials

God remembers His Promises

God remember His Oaths

God remembers His words to us, and even if there’s a delay, He is right on time.


Transcripts of Opening Declarations:




“Father, we thank you for the angelic hosts that are on assignment today, clearing out all debris, every obstacle, every delay, every hindrance, every demonic force, everything that sets itself in opposition to prevent you from fulfilling your words, your promises, your oaths, and your memorials. You said, Father, you remember your memorials. So we call forth in agreement, and we command the striking of the ground.” 




“We command the striking of the foundations that have been waiting for the declarations. We command that old system, that old foundation to be broken, to be loosed. We command the walled garden to be expanded and the fountain to break open and flow. We command living waters, we are not walled up anymore. We are a well of living waters. A fountain. A stream. The body of Christ is not walled in anymore by the enemy, by men, by society, by darkness! We command those ancient dark walls to fall, and we command the walls of your Glory to rise and be built.” 




“Father, come as Your Memorial, as You are remembering Your Memorials, as You are remembering Your Oaths, Your Word, Your Declarations, and Your Promises, we say, Now is the time of prophetic fulfillment! Now is the time when those ancient foundations and those hosts that have resisted the Lord of Hosts, that have resisted the Oaths, and the Destiny- we say, your wall shall fall and the walls of the Glory shall rise, because the angel of the Lord is here with the fork in his hand and he is striking this land. He is striking the ground. Three times and it will flow.” 




“We command the Living Waters to be released. We command the walled garden to be unlocked and open. We command those gates that have been shut to be open! We say, Lift up your head oh you gates! You everlasting doors, that the King of Glory would come in! That the Fountain of Living Waters (Jesus) would begin to break out of the foundation! For no more will the righteous flow be hindered, and prevented, and delayed anymore! At the word of the Lord, let that begin!” 




“We thank you Father, that you are tearing down the walls of the old, and you are releasing a greater flow, so that your people will know that you are not just God, but you are the Husband of the Bride. You are the One that knows us! You are the One that walks with us! Come Jesus and have your way! Come Holy Spirit! Come Father, and build the walls of Your House, Your way, and let Your River flow to all that are hungry and thirsty in the land, and let it expand by Your Hand- by Your Plan so that your people can stand and fulfill Your Commands in Jesus Name!”




Acts 10:3 He saw in a vision evidently about the ninth hour of the day an angel of God coming in to him, and saying unto him, Cornelius. 4 And when he looked on him, he was afraid, and said, What is it, Lord? And he said unto him, Thy prayers and thine alms are come up for a memorial before God.




Prophecy given through Mario: 



“As Sue was speaking, this is what I heard: The Spirit of the Lord says, Hear ye! Hear ye! Hear ye! The Spirit of the Lord is being released now in a way that has never been released before. So receive Him. Accept Him, for if you do not, He will pass you by.”




Later prophecies given in the meeting:




“God shows us in the timeline of the cycle that we are in, so we know how to build, because it takes time to mature and for God to get all of the details together. We are in a new cycle and that’s why you have a big fight. That’s why you have darkness and light war, and that’s why the church has to decide where she is going to abide. We are in an 11-year cycle, where God is tearing down walls, where He is digging up old foundations. He is demolishing a lot of things, because He wants to build something new, but what He is looking for is maturity. He is looking for the fortitude and He said, “this is the patience of the saints”. We have to fight and build, like Nehemiah. Because the Body of Christ is not ruling and reigning on a big scale yet, but a lot are waking up to the fact that we have to stand firm and we have to begin to advance. So as God is tearing up old foundations and relaying new to build a stronger wall so the church can fulfill her call.”




“We need to really hear the Spirit. How many times tonight did He say, “Can you hear Me? Are you listening? Because God is not going to keep begging us to obey. God is not going to beg us to respond. God has been speaking through Mario and others tonight. We cant doubt just because it’s been heard and its been a long time. God has a process to get everybody ready, but He is ready! The angel came to strike the ground! What is the first thing he will strike? He will strike the hard ground of your head, and your heart, and your body- your life. It’s the third time around. This is the third great awakening. The third time. The third call. The third day, whatever you want to say. He needs a people to obey, and it is not going to happen your way! You might as well give up and lay down and die and get it over! He has something greater and better, and He needs a people to obey!”



“The angel flew down and struck the ground today, and the ground was heaving, the enemy was screaming out- why? Because the enemy does not want to flee or to give up his ground, but it was too late! The angel penetrated it. Today is 5-27-22. This is a significant date on Gods calendar, and it happens to be men’s Memorial Day, but Gods Memorials are more powerful. God doesn’t forget. He doesn’t forget His Oath. He doesn’t forget His Word. He doesn’t forget His Name. There are three that bear witness in heaven and there are three that bear witness in the earth. There is a bearing of Witness in this hour because He has a people that believe, a people of power, that are strong like a tower! 



That are fragrant, that are lush, that are intimate with Him. That are ready for the walls to fall so that they can release the Rivers of His Presence to all. Do you hear My Call? Do you hear My Call? Do you hear My Call? Are you ready for the walls to fall? Are you ready to rebuild together, one and all? Are you ready for the Flood? Are you ready for the Waves? I remember My Covenant. I am the God that saves! You can look to the past and you can look to the present, but Children, look to Me and see the things I have planned for thee!”



“My Voice is sounding in the earth. Where are those who hear My Voice and position themselves for the birth? Where are those who have not lost their faith in the earth? Where are those that believe upon Me? Watch and see what I have to do, and what I have given to you to be! I keep My Covenants! I keep My Promises, and I keep My People! I have arisen in the earth, and yet, you are just beginning to see the shafts of My Rising. You are just beginning to see the beginning of My Waves upon the Horizon. But yet Children, get ready for war. Get ready for more, because I am going to heal, deliver, and restore! I am coming to save with greater waves! Do not listen to the voices crying in the crisis’s of men! Look to Me, for My Word has yet to begin! Listen to My Voice sounding in the wind! Listen, because My Promises have no end! It is high time to believe! It is past time to obey! Hear My Voice calling you today!” 



“Come out of the old and leave those things that you want to be and put your hand in Mine and walk with Me! Because My angels are ready, and the world is going to be unsteady, but you will stand, and you will bring stability to your land! Because Children, My lands won’t fall, but they will change, because I am here to bring around My Word that is true! Even the covenant I made with those before you! Generations ago! My seeds are in the ground! I have not failed one, but they have all waited for their day to rise! Life shall spring up before your eyes, and you will say, “I did not know! What is this?” Hah Hah Hah- its Me, says the Lord. Its Me! Where is your faith? Where is your faith? Where is your faith? Stand still and see the Salvation of your God!”


By Susan G O’Marra



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By Ron McGatlin








The smokescreen of the test or trial of the enemy stands between us and the presence of God’s glory in and with us.


We may feel like we have lost our way and cannot see the coming glory while going through the smokescreen of doubts and fears that arise in our minds.


Yes, we have truly witnessed a foretaste of His glory within His presence. And we have clearly heard the direct promise from Spirit God of the imminent coming of the greater fullness of His glory.


So, why does it seem that nothing is working just right and we are encountering drawbacks of aggravation, doubts and fearful eruptions going on around us.


The devil is full out trying to stop us.


If he can stir up enough troublesome thoughts and circumstances around us, perhaps he can cause us to turn back or turn aside and not step through the fog and into the greater glory that God has provided.


The troubling things that the devil means to stop us only serve to call our attention to our need to deal with issues within ourselves, and to lay aside all that is not of God in our lives.


In the fog of near despair, we cry out to God to help us to be so in love with Him that none of these other issues can get through our minds and down into our hearts.


In other words, we cleanse our hands and purify our hearts to ascend the hill of the Lord in the presence of the King of Glory.


“Beloved, do not think it strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened to you; but rejoice to the extent that you partake of Christ’s sufferings, that when His glory is revealed, you may also be glad with exceeding joy. If you are reproached for the name of Christ, blessed are you, for the Spirit of glory and of God rests upon you….” 1 Peter 4:12-14.




The trials confirm that the Spirit of Glory rest upon you. If God is drawing you to come to the PRAISE GATHERING in Mount Airy, NC on June 4, 2022 or if He is speaking to you to start a praise gathering in your area then press on through the smokescreen. Lay aside every weight that holds you down and arise for the glory of God is come upon you.




A group of people in Mount Airy, North Carolina are hosting a new monthly Praise Gathering Saturday June 4, 2022.


There is not a special speaker or planned program of performances. There is no big-name band and it is not a conference and no offering will be taken. It is not a church service but a gathering IN THE NAME OF JESUS of people from any church group or out-of-church people to PRAISE GOD AND SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD IN HIS PRESENCE. God inhabits his praise. The manifest presence of God comes when we truly praise Him in one accord.


The group started as a home gathering of a small group of youth from Covenant Church along with some of their parents. Praising God together we began to experience the manifest presence of God changing our lives like never before. We became alive in the Wind of the Spirit. The new life of the youth then affected the church Sunday services and the fire is spreading.


Recently we held our first Praise Gathering open to the community on a Saturday evening and discovered that the presence of God fueled by praising God together brought the LOVE of God in and among us. Spirit Wind ignited the fire of love in our hearts. Individuals began to minister and pray for one another spontaneously as God moved among us.


IF YOU ARE IN THE AREA OF NORTH CAROLINA OR SOUTHERN VIRGINIA, you are welcome to come and praise God with a group in love with God.







Saturday June 4, 2022, 6pm Starting with light supper of mostly finger foods and fellowship. Praise and whatever as God leads until….

123 Scenic Outlet Ln, Mount Airy, NC 27030

In the Covenant Church facility in the shopping center between the Copper Pot restaurant and the Surry Rural Health Center.



(There is no registration, but we would sure like to hear from you if you are planning to come.)



For more information email basileia@openheaven.com

Ron McGatlin



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When You Sow In Righteousness

By Georgette Thompson



The Father says today, when you sow in righteousness, you reap according to mercy. When you break up the uncultivated ground of your heart and purpose to seek Me, My righteousness will rain on you, My salvation overflows in every way in your life. Salvation encompasses both eternal and temporal needs in life and is part of My peace, My shalom, where nothing is broken or missing in your life. Wherever you need salvation, whether an addiction, thought life, government, family, employer, physical attacks on your body or your children – ALL of it, every need is covered.



Rise up in the authority that is yours. Some of Jesus’ final words spoke to this when He announced that all power and authority in heaven and earth was His, the moment He conquered hell, death and the grave. The first thing He did was delegate that authority to you and even greater works than He had done, shall you do also. 



The Holy Spirit was released to live inside of you, transform you from the inside out into My image, to be your helper, comforter, strengthener, intercessor, advocate, standby in whatever situation you face. As you learn to trust and flow with My Spirit as I move within and flow through you, your understanding and prosperity will increase as will your effectiveness in reaching others.



By Georgette Thompson


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Receive from God

By Derek Prince


John 3:27

John answered and said, “A man can receive nothing, unless it has been given him from heaven.”     NASB



     Basically, there are two ways of getting things: One is receiving and one is grabbing. A lot of people get things by grabbing, but the trouble with grabbing is what you get is not permanent. You can have it for a while, but ultimately it will not be yours. The other way to get things is to receive. To receive what God has for you. And in the long run, you are not going to have more than you receive from God.


     The only thing that’s permanent in your life or in mine is that which we receive from God. So why don’t you stop grabbing for awhile. Stop grasping, stop trying to get, and just turn to God and say, “God, whatever You want me to have, that’s what I want. I’ll be satisfied. I will not go after that big position or that large sum of money or that particular form of pleasure unless, God, I can receive it from You.” Because what you receive from God will bless you. It will be truly yours. It will be permanent. It will not do you harm in the end. Whereas the things you get by grasping often, in the long run, you’ll be sorry you ever reached for them and grasped them. So remember the secure things, the things that bring peace and real blessings, are the things that you received from heaven and from God.


By Derek Prince


To view a video of scenes from Israel with Derek's original audio on our website click here.


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By Glenn H. Jackson



"Reflections Upon Reflections" [of The Father's Heart]


        ...."You, in Your great compassion, did not forsake them in the wilderness; The pillar of cloud did not leave them by day, to guide them on their way, or the pillar of fire by night, to light for them the way in which they were to go".... Nehemiah 9:19 NASB 






Words of Prophecy:


*____My Love not only removes every ground of fear from one's heart as they diligently pursue Me [give My Word preeminence on an ongoing basis] but also fills the void that is left with My true Nature and Character [Perfect Love].


        ...."you are to be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect".... Matthew 5:48 NASB


        ...."There is no fear in love [dread does not exist], but full-grown [complete, perfect] love turns fear out of doors and expels every trace of terror!".... 1 John 4:18a


        ...."Moreover [let us also be full of joy now!] let us exult and triumph in our troubles and rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that pressure and affliction and hardship produce patient and unswerving endurance. And endurance [fortitude] develops maturity of character [approved faith and tried integrity]. And character [of this sort] produces [the habit of] joyful and confident hope of eternal salvation. Such hope never disappoints or deludes or shames us, for God's love has been poured out in our hearts through the Holy Spirit Who has been given to us".... Romans 5:3-5 The Amplified Translation


____There is nothing that can be done about the "past" EXCEPT to obey [exercise faith, love and obedience] in the "present".


____...."Do not call to mind the former things, or ponder things of the past".... Isaiah 43:18 NASB


        ...."Do not let your heart envy sinners, but live in the fear of the LORD always. Surely there is a future, and your hope will not be cut off".... Proverbs 23:17-18 NASB


Prayer of Proclamation:


____Father, we thank You and praise You that You ARE Love. We thank You and praise You that, by Your great and awesome Power, You are removing every last ground of fear within us that we might become pure vessels of Your Love - holy vessels that represent You perfectly at EVERY turn. We declare all of these things DONE  [on an ongoing basis], and we give You all praise and honour and Glory, in Jesus' Name. Amen.


____...."I sought the LORD, and He answered me, and delivered me [past tense] from all my fears. They looked to Him and were radiant, and their faces will never be ashamed".... Psalms 34:4-5 NASB


        ...."For God hath not given us a spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind".... 2 Timothy 1:7 KJV







This is for All people in the whole world . . . :

John 3:16

King James Version (KJV)

16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Scripture Prayers of Salvation


 Pray the following out loud:


John 3:16 … Thank You Lord for loving me so much that You gave Your one and only Son, that when I believe in Him I will not perish but have eternal life. I believe in Jesus with my heart and I ask you to forgive me of all my sins. I renounce satan and all his works and ways, I choose the truth and disavow satan and all his lies. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ my Lord.


Romans 10:9-10 … Thank You Lord that when I confess with my mouth Jesus as Lord, and believes in my heart that God raised Him from the dead, I will be saved. I believe in my heart and accept You as Lord. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ my Lord.


Isaiah 45:8, 2 Tim 2:10 … Thank You Lord that salvation will spring up within my heart, that I may obtain the salvation that is in Christ Jesus, with eternal glory. In the name of Jesus Christ.


2 Peter 3:18 … Thank You Lord that I may grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In the name of Jesus Christ.


Psalm 19:10 … Thank You Lord that I may grow to find Your Word more precious than much pure gold and sweeter than honey from the comb. In the name of Jesus Christ.


Psalm 42:1-2 … Thank You Lord that You will create within me a hunger, a longing, for You and Your will. Set my heart flames a fire in love with you. Reveal yourself to me. Make me to love you as you love me. In the name of Jesus Christ. Yeshua




 Read the Word of God!

The Word helps in casting down vain imaginations that exhalt itself above the knowledge of the Lord. Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ. To use a reading plan, just visit the daily reading page to see your daily reading. 


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09.09 | 06:52

Thank you for this! You might enjoy my take on the whole 'Christmas' story, not born on Dec 25th etc,

17.03 | 07:11

Praise God! He is so good to all of us!

16.03 | 22:20

I needed to hear this today. Its been sooo very difficult for a long time honestly asked God if I was the toxic one and just didn't realize it so I could repent

12.01 | 04:32

this is so beautiful and such a testimony to the Lord's healing power and sanctification through our suffering. Much of my walk with Christ is similar to yours.